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Techno-Pôle, a good place to grow your business!

Situated in the centre of Europe, 2 hours from Geneva and Milan, the Techno-Pôle offers ideal conditions in which to develop information and communication technology (ICT) enterprises.

In these modern, attractive 15,000 m2 premises, enterprises will find everything they need to grow their business and promote employee well-being.

Besides modular offices and conference rooms, the Techno-Pôle also offers superb communal spaces, games and relaxation areas, a fitness room and a restaurant.

A business corner, a server room and cleaning services are also available to occupants.
Techno-Pôle's location combines quality of life and business opportunities.

Situated next to the Rhône at the foot of the mountains, near a lake and several well-known ski resorts, the technology park is easily reached from the motorway.

Sierre is on the border between the French- and German-speaking areas of Switzerland, 2 hours from Geneva and Milan.

Built over 30 years ago, the Techno-Pôle is Switzerland's leading centre for information technology.

Through the promotional and support systems provided by the TechnoArk programme, it fosters synergies between research institutes and businesses, so that innovative solutions can be developed.

It draws together some 70 SMEs, startups and research institutes. Every day over 600 people contribute to the dynamic of this place, which is the only one of its kind in Switzerland.