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Above and beyond its remit to provide office space for SMEs, start-ups and research institutes, the Technopôle’s vision is to bring an entire region, together with its economic and industrial actors, into the age of digital transformation and digital services with the help of partners who are experts in this field.

Located in Sierre since 1989, the Technopôle brings together over 60 SMEs, research institutes and start-ups. The 600+ people who work here every day are the life-blood of this site, which is like no other in Switzerland.

The ‘Swiss Digital Center’ based in Sierre’s Technopôle offers a very practical response to unstoppable technological changes – by means of genuine expertise that’s already in place, the introduction of new technologies and the development of training courses to cater to business needs and satisfy both clients and citizens (in other words, service users).

It is active in smoothing the transition towards digital services in all parts of the economy, from tourism and healthcare to banking, industry, services and the energy sector.

Furthermore, the site is the ideal intermediary and advisor when it comes to rolling out digital services in businesses and local authorities, helping them to identify their needs as they manage the process of digital transformation and identify new opportunities (data digitisation, digital archiving, document management systems, new applications…) thanks to the expertise available in the hub’s businesses, research centres, the teaching staff and students at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, not to forget the innovation-focused InnoHub.

It owes its success in this sector to the active support of ‘The Ark’ foundation, the presence of over sixty well-established businesses on the site, close links with training providers (HES-SO Valais-Wallis, CFTI, …), and its renowned R&D centres.

Digital services are a natural outgrowth of technological progress. They impact all parts of the economy, not to mention the entire population in their capacity as users of such services. From morning to night, we use the internet and mobile apps to buy a train ticket or make a hotel booking, to unwind on social media, to perform a Google search etc. Nowadays, we can do practically everything online – this is the underlying principle at the heart of digital services.


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