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Its positioning aims to help both businesses based on the site and their clients to navigate and find their place in today’s fast-changing, digital world.
Industry 4.0/E-Government/E-Tourism/Energy digital services/E-Health

The ‘Swiss Digital Center’ focuses on the design and implementation of digital services in the following fields:


The site includes a ‘Digital Services Innovation Quarter’ and has set itself ambitious goals:

  • Set up a partnership with one or several of the five ‘Tech Giants’.
  • Promote the development of digital services for end users – citizens and customers.
  • Encourage the adoption of new technology by business and government.
  • Launch initiatives designed to encourage economic growth, for instance: Smart City, a unified public wifi network, co-working spaces, serviced offices, Fab Labs, an innovation hub, etc.
  • Play an active role in helping businesses and government modernise (data digitisation, electronic data interchange, digital archiving and document management systems, hosting applications in the Cloud, etc.)


To turn the ambition of developing digital services into a reality, the ‘Swiss Digital Center’ can already draw on a very wide range of skills through its businesses and research centres:

  • A coherent, organised approach to innovation using groups of multi-functional experts.
  • Skills in the fields of ergonomics and User Experience for the creation of user interfaces.


Expertise in the latest digital technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Smart sensors (mostly for use in industry and public spaces)


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