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Innovation, training and partnerships are the key prime movers behind the hub’s development, which is described in further detail here.

Our innovation-led approach really takes shape in the workshops that bring together multiple experts in different fields to tackle both user needs and issues relating to sustainability, security, traceability, ergonomics and user experience. These innovation workshops act like real-world testbeds for new services and the new applications arising out of these services.


The HES-SO Valais-Wallis’ input remains one of the key drivers behind the development of the Technopôle in Sierre with the opening of a student campus on-site, growing cooperation between businesses and its research centres; and a changing course programme that reflects the need to cater to the digital services development sector.

In order to meet the challenges that will arise out of the growth in service digitalisation, businesses will need well-trained employees who are proficient in today’s technologies including Big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence.



To spur on technological innovation and economic growth requires a network of reliable partners and complementary skills, starting with the businesses and start-ups present on-site, together with other companies in the canton and the wider region active in the field of software development, ‘big players’ in IT (the ‘Tech Giants’, ….) and clients, with their requirements and projects.


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