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Room of historical significance. The senior management of the Alusuisse industrial group once held meetings here.
Area 58 m2
Capacity 17 people
Equipment Video projector
Projector screen
Small lounge area
LE FOYER, maison de l'entrepreneuriat - 1st floor
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Meetings must not overrun the following time slots (there is no minimum meeting duration):

7.30am to 12.30pm

12.30pm to 5pm

5pm to 10pm


The prices are as follows:

CHF 100.00 for one meeting.

CHF 2,000.00 for 50 meetings, to run over the course of a year.

CHF 3,000.00 for 100 meetings, to run over the course of a year.


Unless at least 24 hours’ notice has been given of the cancellation of a meeting, that meeting is deemed to have been held and therefore will be deducted from the number of meetings purchased. 


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