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Développement durable

A significant reduction in energy use has been achieved by opting for energy-efficient technology, eliminating ‘stand-by’ modes, making changes to building design and improving facilities management with regard to the site as a whole.


The buildings are heated through waste heat recovery from the ‘Novelis’ smelting plant, our closest neighbour. In the summer, all buildings are cooled using groundwater, a process that requires very little energy.


In 2012, the ‘Swiss Digital Center’ teamed up with Oiken, a local energy supplier, to build a solar power plant which now generates over one million kWh of electricity each year.


By way of example, before the ‘Maison de l’entrepreneuriat’ entrepreneurial centre opened in the premises of the ‘Foyer’ building, renovation work on the building, which dates from 1919, was undertaken, enabling annual energy use to be reduced by 80%, creating a much more comfortable environment for its users.


In 2015, a soft mobility plan was drawn up and has largely come to fruition through the completion of the following projects:

•             The construction of covered spaces for bicycles including electric charging stations

•             The installation of 16 charging stations for electric cars

•             The provision of scooters and eBikes

•             The installation of a PubliBike bicycle sharing system station

•             In partnership with the Ville de Sierre, the establishment of a direct bus route from the bus station to the Technopôle


Since the beginning of the new millennium, the ‘Swiss Digital Center’ has favoured a sustainable approach to the construction of its new office space and the day-to-day running of its on-site infrastructures and services.


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