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Centres of expertise

Observatoire Valaisan du Tourisme

The Valais tourism monitoring centre sets the standard in analysing tourism in the Alpine arc in general and Valais in particular, by making available a flow of reliable, complete information, maximising its value and systematically updating it.
Its activities play a direct part in identifying new trends in tourism, so that the actors can be inspired and the canton's tourism industry made more competitive.
By acquiring strategic data, the Observatoire provides these actors with decision-making tools, which are circulated mainly via the content and functions of the website. In this way, it enables tourism in the Valais to become even more professional.


eGov Innovation Center

The eGov Innovation Center is a centre of expertise in e-government whose aim is to promote the implementation of innovations in the public sector.
Its aim is to make itself the reference point for public bodies wishing to undertake an e-government project and thus modernise their operation. It also puts Switzerland's e-government actors in contact with one another.


SAP Academic Competence Center

The Academic Competence Center, known as SAP ACC Switzerland, forms part of the Institute of Information Systems at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis. It has worked with SAP SE, and more particularly with the latter's subsidiaries SAP Suisse and SAP France, since 1996. A cooperation contract with these companies enables it to act as services provider within the SAP University Alliances (SAP UAP) programme.


Cyberlearn The HES-SO's e-learning centre

Cyberlearn was created in 2004. It actively supports HES-SO teaching staff in enriching their face-to-face classes with technological solutions that promote learning.

A multidisciplinary team provides advice, follow-up and training for teaching staff who want to make a natural transition from traditional-style classes to interactive online classes.


eEnergy Center

The eEnergy Center has expertise in innovation, business models, social sciences and information systems, which is used to support energy transition.
Its purpose is to conduct interdisciplinary applied research projects in the field of smart energy management.
Its aim is to design and develop the information systems of the future, in order to optimise the means of producing energy from renewable sources, and the use and storage of that energy.


Business eXperience

"Business eXperience" is a course open to students at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis and other higher education institutions in western Switzerland. Its aim is to promote entrepreneurial spirit and interdisciplinary working among economics, computer science, tourism management and engineering students at the HES-SO.



The MAS QSM is a professional development course that lasts two and a half years. It represents 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits, in other words, 1800 hours of study, and leads to the HES-SO degree of Master of Advanced Studies in Quality & Strategy Management. The course is divided into two main parts (Quality Manager and Strategy Manager), each including two Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS).